Ooh, I have a plan!

 Anne lived in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden which she had personally designed. One day some old friends visited her and were so amazed by the beauty of her compound. They said “Anne you have a very beautiful home ….but what happened over there? They were pointing to a rock pile at the border of Anne’s garden. Next to it was a tree stump, some gravel and some discarded old flowerpots. The area spoke of barrenness and neglect.
But she quickly replied,”Oh I have a plan!”and gladly grabbed her architectural plan with sketches. You see, for years, she had been collecting ideas and planning for the ideal garden touch up in that space!
You may be having that area in your life that seems forgotten!That degree you badly wanted to complete but has taken longer than expected! It may be that relationship that seems to have hit the bottom of the rocks! You may have even jobless for too long and you feel abandoned by God! Probably you were diagnosed with a chronic sickness and you feel you have reached the end of the tunnel! You may be having that project you hoped would have been done by now but funds seems to be running away from you! For some,it may be your business that has repeatedly run into losses and you are in the verge of closing shop!I donot know what is going through your mind now.
But guess what? It is not forgotten before God! He says this to you “Oh I have a plan!”He has all along been working out all things for your good!Pick up your broken pieces!Take that little small step for He will strengthen your feeble hand and weak knees!
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I surrender all

‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ Mark 12:30

I know we very well know this verse. But just stop and think about it. Do we really love God with all our heart, soul. mind and strength. What does it even mean to love God with all your heart? Has your heart even been into person? How do behave in such times? At the mention of that person, your face just glows! You are always eager to meet that person ,you are motivated to the extra mile to please that person. When your heart isn’t into something, one can just tell. Your words may say contrary but your face will tell it all. you will be gloomy and with no energy towards the subject.

So do we really love God with all our heart. Does the mention of God cause our hearts to glow with expectancy?Do we find spending time with him in prayer or bible study boring? Do we do it out of an obligation?

And what does it mean to love him with our soul? Soul is the spirit and essence of a person. It is the moral and emotional nature of a human being.Do we love God with our emotions or are we still controlled by hate, envy, anger, jealousy, anxiety, grudges and such like? The good thing is that we can choose to surrender our imperfect souls to Christ!

We know that loving God with our minds means surrendering our intellect to God. What forms the basis of our decisions? is it fear of what people may say or do we make judgements based on the word of God? Do we use the faculty of our thoughts to meditate on God, to try understanding him more or do we use it for mere knowledge which puffs?

What about loving God with our strength? Studies show that when our heart and mind are not into something, even our strength fails us. Physical strength is a reflection of what is inside us. No wonder we may find it hard to wake up early for quiet times. No wonder whenever we try to watch over the night our energy fails us! What do we do with our physical strength?  Does it portray our love for God?

When we look at that verse again, it uses and – with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your and with all your strength. Meaning we should not assume loving God with our strength makes it up for loving with our mind for instance. The 4 of them are expected of us.

Now that you have read this, take a moment and rate yourself. In a scale of 1 -10 with 1 being very poor and 10 excellent, how much do you love God with your heart, soul, mind, strength.

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